September 30th, 2018

Build Your Own Picnic Table Following Plans

By Dan Lazaj

A picnic table is a great way to enhance your backyard or patio and spend time outdoors with your family and friends. Lots of style varieties are available to fill the requirements you have. Home improvement centers offer a good selection of pre made tables, but they can be expensive and the quality may not be to good. Buying lumber and building it yourself from scratch will not only save you money, the end results can be a better table built to suit your requirements and you can customize it for a one of a kind table, that is sure to be a great backyard focal point. One great thing of doing it yourself is you can build it to the exact size you require, design it your way and paint or stain it the way you like.

Doing it yourself can be a fun weekend project with lots of great benefits. The style you choose to build will vary from traditional which will be a simple to build design, to more complex styles that will require more time, experience, and tools to build. A traditional picnic table will be simple to build and can be completed by most folks in one day. Having a miter saw can be a great tool to own if you enjoy building your own projects. It will cut accurate and consistent angles without much time or effort. Using a power drill and employing screws will be much better than a hammer and nails. Screws will provide much better holding over time and usage. Always be sure to invest in the best tools your budget will allow.

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Picnic table plans will make building simple and save you time if you do not want to draw out your own. Some of the parts used to build a picnic table will require angle cuts. If you have blueprints to help you, you can eliminate figuring out the angle cuts, and can make building this project easier and faster. Picnic table plans will come with all the details, such as measurements, illustrations, and directions to assemble and put together the table.

Selecting the right wood is another choice you should consider before you begin to build. For the seat and table top lots of blueprints will employ 2X6 lumber. All the supplies the plans will call for can usually be bought at your local home improvement centers. The lumber is usually pine, and is available in pressure treated or untreated. To have your table last, building with pressure treated wood can be a good choice to make, this will give it the protection it needs so it will last you many years, and with only minimum maintenance. To protect untreated lumber from the outdoor elements it is advisable to paint or stain the table. If however you use pressure treated wood, it is a good idea to wait a couple month before you stain or paint. There is no doubt this project will bring lots of outdoor enjoyment for years to come.

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