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Inside Sales Is The New Technique For Improving Lead Conversion Rate

Submitted by: Celena Watson

Inside sales is growing at a phenomenal rate with majority of companies preferring it over outbound sales to improve conversion rate. In fact companies are finding the new method of Inside Sales to be unquestionably effective. However to make the best use of this efficient sales methodology, you need to follow some best practices that we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

Inside sales best practices

Updated database

For your inside sales program to be successful you need an updated and current database free from errors. Expecting you sales team to perform and meet sales targets without an up-to-date database is not fair. In fact the yardstick for measuring a sales rep s performance should revolve around the size and the quality of the database a rep has to target. It is not advisable to evaluate the performance of the sales teams only on the basis of the sales results they deliver. The managers should check if the sales team has put in the right amount of effort. See how many RPC (right part contact) contacts your sales team has been able to make. Set a target and measure the performance of individual sales rep on the basis of the number of RPC connects established.


The number of meeting generated

Most managers do not take into consideration the number of meetings generated by a sales rep while measuring the inside sales efficacy. The sales reps are generally are expected to complete or deliver as many meetings as possible. However, the meetings generated reflect the actual sales pipeline and forecast how many meetings will be finally delivered at the end of the stipulated period. Managers should hold formal meetings at regular intervals to discuss the progress on the individual assignments and understand the direction in which the efforts should be channelized.

Providing training

The company should take it on its part to provide regular training to the sales and marketing team members on the latest technologies, current market scenario, and also help them improve domain knowledge. The managers should see to it that regular information sharing sessions are conducted among the team members and across the teams to ensure that all reps are well abreast with what is happening within their target markets and outside.

Leveraging social media

Using social media can be helpful if you want to identify, connect, engage and nurture prospects and opportunities. The inside sales reps should be able to use the different social media channels to enhance respective knowledge level and reduce the overall time to generate leads. The sales reps should generate reports which should be analyzed and reiterated to all the team members along with the new goals set. This way everyone would know where he/ she stand in terms of achieving targets.


Inside sales(http://www.candorworks.com/inside-sales-support-services.htm) is highly effective in both low- touch and high-touch sales model and is increasingly being used to target business-to-business (B2B) or high-end business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions. But you need to strategize well and have a proper evaluation process in place to enhance inside sales effectiveness.

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