Wednesday, August 3, 2005

A two-story building caught fire yesterday afternoon on Boston Street in Lynn, Massachusetts. The fire engulfed the entire second floor and left nothing of the Essex County building.

According to a witness, the fire started while children were cooking french fries in an apartment on the second floor.

The fire took its toll on the firefighters, many were suffering from heat exhaustion. However, a tent was set up by a rehab truck, offering firefighters a chance to recover.

The fire was finally put out, however, some portions of the structure did reignite with small flames. Firefighters climbed onto the roof and began tearing it open in order to find the source of the ignition. A ladder truck also sprayed down the roof.

According to a witness, the roof was a tarred double roof, which may have been a factor that caused the fire to be so troublesome.

The first floor consisted of storefronts for a convenience store and a video store. The second floor held apartments.

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