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Dealing With Upside Down Mortgage

Here’s An Opinion On: Independent Financial Planning Best Financial Advice By Sean A. Kelly The troubles in the housing market do not seem to abate and there are many homeowners now who owe much more on their mortgages than their houses are worth. A homeowner who finds himself or herself in such a situation is […]

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Be An Efficient Manager Use Efficiency Metrics

Here’s An Opinion On: Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Best Crm For Insurance Agents By Sam Miller The effective management believes in efficiency in all fields of activity, whether it is in connection with production, business, services, project development or system improvement. The efficiency depends on proper projection of the activity relating to targets and achievements. […]

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Are Top Achievers Resigning From Tupperware?}

Here’s An Opinion On: Financial Planning Fees Financial Adviser Fees Submitted by: Dave Lovett Why would people abandon Tupperware? Tupperware has been thriving in the multilevel marketing world. They continue to stay on top and to have a conclusive influence on the industry. They have a proven achievement plan. A lot of people have done […]