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October 23rd, 2018

Mystery Shopper Job Opportunities Are Out There!

Submitted by: Gail Sterner

I am a mystery shopper. I did not plan on becoming a mystery shopper, I fell into mystery shopping. It all started when my daughter wrote an eguide: Become a Mystery Shopper. She asked me to help her set up a web site, and I offered to read the eguide. I knew she had been doing mystery shopping but I did not know much about mystery shopper job opportunities. After reading the eguide, I decided I would see if I could find mystery shopper jobs for myself, and I did. Here are some tips if you want to become a mystery shopper.

You will need basic equipment: a computer with access to the Internet, email, and a stop watch or a digital watch that displays seconds. Many shops require pictures or scanned receipts; you will find more shopper job opportunities if you have a scanner and a digital camera. So, once you start making money, you will want to make the investment in the additional equipment.

There is more to mystery shopping than ‘just shopping’! You will be required to observe and remember details from each shop. You must be able to focus, and remember all the requirements of the shop to be sure you ask the right questions, and perform the shop exactly as required. You must be organized and prepared for each shop. After each shop you will be required to complete an online questionnaire with the details of the shop.

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Banks, national restaurant chains, movie theaters, grocery stores, discount stores and convenience stores are examples of the businesses that have mystery shopper jobs. They do not hire a mystery shopper directly, but go through a third party mystery shopper agency. The agency will manage the mystery shopper program for them. The agency will post the mystery shopper job opportunities, track the results, and pay the mystery shopper.

Some mystery shopper jobs are questionnaires and are multiple choice forms and may require a short paragraph. Other mystery shopper job opportunities require a very detailed written description of the mystery shopper experience. Be sure you understand the reporting requirement and that you are comfortable with completing the mystery shop.

A mystery shopper must be very organized. You have to keep track of the job opportunities assigned to you: the date to shop, the date the report is due, and of course whether you have been paid. Typically, you will be paid once a month for the completed mystery shopper jobs. So be sure you know the payment schedule of the mystery shopper agency, so you know when to expect payment.

In order to pay you, the legitimate companies will require your social security number or tax id. Be sure you are registering with a legitimate company on a secure web page. (A secure web page will have a lock in the right corner of your browser and the URL at the top of the page begins with https not http.) Some companies pay only PayPal accounts, and your registered email with that company and the email associated with the PayPal account must match.

And remember a legitimate web site with mystery shopper job opportunities will NOT charge a fee to view the mystery shopper jobs.

About the Author: Gail Sterner works with businesses to ‘get the word out’ regarding their products or services on the web. To learn more about mystery shopper job opportunities check out

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February 18th, 2018

Increase Business With Commercial Landscaping Services In Fairfield, Ct

byAlma Abell

Opting for new services at commercial entities is a decision that many owners must make. However, they often do so with trepidation because of the costs associated with such a choice. Instead of approaching Commercial Landscaping Services in Fairfield CT with fear, company owners should take into account the ways in which Giglio Landscape Services LLC can help to increase business.

Curb Appeal

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While judging entities by their appearances isn’t necessarily fair, it is what people tend to do. When they drive past a business that looks questionable on the outside, they may assume that the interior is decaying as well. Opting for Commercial Landscaping Services in Fairfield CT allows businesses to portray a more welcoming exterior to customers. This new look can encourage people to come into the store and make a purchase.

Outside Space

Some companies have the need for outdoor spaces. For example, some eateries may want to allow for outdoor seating when the weather is nice, but they cannot accomplish that with an untidy outdoor space. Landscaping can allow for a fresh beginning in the outside area. Then, restaurants can set up tables, chairs, and maybe even a bar so that patrons can enjoy the weather and the cuisine at the same time.


Overgrown grass is not just unsightly. It can also pose safety concerns. Bees and other critters could lie waiting in the grass. When employees are attempting to get to their cars at the end of the day or interested parties are seeking to walk into the business, they could find themselves stung by a bee. An unkempt outdoor space near the street could also invite trash. People walking by might see the area as nothing more than a garbage dump and leave items, such as pieces of broken glass, behind there.

Taking care of the outdoor areas of a business is important. Doing so helps to portray a suitable picture to the people in the community. Individuals may feel more inclined to enter the business. Some changes to the exterior can also allow the physical space of the company to grow, which is also likely to assist with revenue.

December 7th, 2017

An Editorial Restaurant Review Of Sconnies Pub And Eatery On The Fox Harbor In Green Bay, Wisconsin}

Submitted by: Patricia Summerfield

Sconnie’s is a new pub and eatery that occupies the space Cheffetta’s had left vacant after their move downtown. I had assumed “Sconnie” was the proprietor’s name, but I got a news flash from the waitress, apparently “Sconnie” is a nickname for a Wisconsinite. Perhaps I am simply uninformed, but I had never encountered this nickname before. The name and the overall theme of the place is supposed to be one revolving around Wisconsin. The front has a small bar, a few tables, TVs, and sports paraphernalia throughout. At the time of my visit the crowd was very boisterous and loud due to a sports game on TV. My husband and I decided to dine in their rear dining room. It is a small room with large picture windows and a view of the Fox River. The room had a chill to it and as I entered I noticed a TV screen hanging from the top corner of a wall with a picture of a burning fireplace – too bad it didn’t give off any heat. There were white linen table clothes and large clear vases with fresh flowers, but the dcor was offset with rolled paper napkins. The place attempts a dichotomy of sports bar in the front and fine dining in the rear – unfortunately this attempt seems more like indecision. The menu had your usual sandwiches and burgers, a children’s menu, and main entres such as Prime Rib Oscar, Cedar Plank Salmon, and Grilled Fajitas. The servers were friendly and casual, just like their clothes – jeans and a red polo.

They have a very small and limited wine list and only one Wisconsin beer on tap, which was sold out and keep in mind it was only 5:30 pm on a Saturday night. They were also out of shrimp that evening and we had to request water. I ordered their Stuffed Medallions of Beef for $18.95 which includes your choice of potatoes, rice, or vegetable medley, a house salad, and cheesy dinner rolls. I chose the vegetable medley and my husband ordered the “Sconnie” burger with criss cut fries for $8.95. My salad was a nice size portion, cold and fresh. The cheesy dinner rolls were passable, but tasted bland and like they came from the freezer. My vegetable medley was a large portion served in a soup bowl and again tasted like it came from the freezer. The medallions of beef were stuffed with spinach, wild mushrooms, garlic, and cheese; it was topped with a peppercorn demi-glaze. The steak was tender and surprisingly delicious. My husband’s burger was a 1/2 lb. Angus chuck with roasted peppers, onion, and parmesan cheese on a ciabatta roll. It was very tasty and his fries seemed, once again, of the frozen variety, but weren’t bad. It was very noisy from the bar area and there was a woman with a particularly great set of lungs that kept screaming at the game. Hopefully Sconnies can find their niche and capitalize on their potential in the future.

About the Author: Patricia Summerfield is Green Bays premier food and restaurant critic. Whether you are thinking of visiting Green Bay or already live there she can guide you to the best dining experiences while avoiding the mediocre or sub-par.

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