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Biometric / Fingerprint Time Recorder To Monitor The Employee Attendance

Here’s An Opinion On: Workplace Info By Ramya Dilip In any company it is very important to monitor the employee’s attendance for accurate payroll & discipline. It is very efficient to have a fingerprint time recorders to track the employees attendance instead of having manual punch card. The biggest advantage of using the fingerprint system […]

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Working At Little Caesars

Here’s An Opinion On: Industrial Relations Policies Australia By Jill Avery Pizza! Pizza! is what Little Caesars famous for several years ago, a strategy where you get 2 pizzas for a price of one. Today, its famous for its Hot-n-ready Pizzastheyre big, cheap, and have lots of popular toppings available ready for take out. They […]

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Why A Restaurant Employee Handbook Is Important

Here’s An Opinion On: Unlawful Dismissal Rules In Australia Unlawful Dismissal In Australia Submitted by: Jerome Chiaro If you are the owner of a restaurant, of course you know that a restaurant employee handbook is important. However, there may be reasons why it is important that may not appear to be important on the surface. […]